Website Security

We take the security of your details incredibly seriously, if you take a look at the address bar on every page of our site you will see the padlock icon and also that the web address starts HTTPS, this means that every page is held on a secure server, unlike most sites which only go "secure" when you are entering personal details, now we have told you this you may even notice that on many competitors sites even your name and address is not securely encrypted, it only goes secure when entering card details.

We do this for not only your peace of mind but ours too, we can sleep soundly knowing that we are doing everything we can to protect both yours and our data.

All our payments are processed through Worldpay, PayPal or Amazon, three global leaders in payment processing and three of the most secure payment platforms available.

We can also guarantee that we will never share or sell your details, we find this sort of practice deplorable, you have entrusted us with your details, we could never dream of passing these on, its not something we would ever want done to us so why do it to you.

We want you to have total trust in the security and integrity of both our site and our business ethics, to this end we are monitored by some of the internet's leading security companies with regular testing carried out to ensure we are at the forefront of site security.