Guru Leads & Lead Clips

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The Micro Lead Clip is a mini version of the lead clips that specimen carp anglers have used for years. These clips have been sculpted so that the lines are smooth and resist tangles in flight...

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Rather than simply producing a standard bomb, which have remained largely unchanged since they were invented, Alex Bones decided to look at exactly what the modern angler needed from a lead...

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The In-Line Tail Rubbers are shaped to fit the Guru In-Line Pellet and Method feeders. They help to streamline the feeder, eliminating the chance of tangles in flight...

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A brand new and easy method of ensuring that you have pin point detection by having as little spare line as possible by finding the perfect depth...

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The Pear Leads have a slightly sleeker profile than the Square Leads. They still retaining the ability to hold on marginal or island slopes yet they're much better suited to use on rivers...