Nash Dwarf Luggage

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Carrying everything you need to catch opportunist or short session carp the Dwarf Utility Skin holds a made up Dwarf rod with reel with room for the T1483 Dwarf Sawnoff Landing Net in the main compartment plus four external zipped pockets for hookbaits, accessory pouches, glasses and terminal tackle and twin elastic loops for catapults...

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Identical in specification and design features to the Nash Double Skins but with capacity for three made up rods and reels and base pouches and buckles and webbing to increase to 3+2 rod capacity using additional single skins...

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The complete Dwarf luggage solution, taking three made up rods and reels plus accessories, bait and tackle in the proven Transporter rucksack and carryall hybrid design...

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Dwarf styling with the winning formula of two clip together fold out end compartments and a full size compartment beneath it for modular organised storage...

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The compact day bag for hit and run carping the Nash Dwarf Backpack is generously padded for comfort with adjustable padded shoulder straps, grab handle and zipped front pocket for essentials like phones, car keys and wallet...