Matrix Innovations Rock Solid Banksticks

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We are proud to say that we have taken bankstick design to a new level, the new Quadra-Point has a revolutionary new point design that not only makes penetrating the ground easier but more importantly means that it eliminates twist...

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Matrix are proud to introduce the new and totally original locking butt rests, these are totally unique in the way they work, another industry first. These are the first butt rests that truly lock the rod in, there is no way your rod can be pulled out, regardless of direction or pressure until you depress the locking pin...

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The standard snag arm is compatible with pretty much every alarm on the market, not only this we have made the base plate thin enough that it enables all of our indicator mounting brackets (and most other makes) to be used with it...

The Matrix Innovations Rock Solid range is chunkier than your usual stainless, it is made from 16mm diameter tube and 20mm diameter solid. It is pukka quality and will last for ever!