Steve Neville

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Steve Neville "Neville Eye" Motion sensor/intruder alarm. With tackle theft being a major worry a carefully placed Neville Eye will be able to help look out for someone entering your swim, all you need is a spare channel on your neville receiver...

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Steve Neville Speaker Cones. These stainless cones simply glue onto the speaker on the front of a Steve Neville Alarm, they funnel the sound forwards and also look smart...

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These are ideal for use during the day when full volume is not needed or at night when using a sounder box and not wanting to alert everyone else when you get a take. The Buzzer Plugs can be put in or taken out in a matter of seconds...

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These are whipped onto the rod a couple of inches behind the reel seat, they stop your rods being pulled on the rests, they can also be used for fishing with your tips in the air, they stop the rod from sliding backwards on your rests...

Steve Neville, or Mr Stainless as he is often referred to, has built up a huge following due to the quality of his gear. We offer his full range incl the superb roller buzzers and although we try to keep everything in stock we do sometimes get caught out, so please just give us a ring for availability.