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    Mainline Baits

    Talk Carp Bait and before long the name Mainline Baits will be mentioned. This is because since Mainline Baits was founded it has been synonymous with the highest quality carp baits possible, and the capture of carp from all over the world.

    Mainline Baits concept of offering the angler a fantastic bait whilst at the same time offering the carp a valuable food source ensures that all Mainline Baits stand the test of time when used on any water, so much so in fact that repeat captures on the same bait are normal as the carp just can't get enough; summer or winter makes little difference.

    Using the best carp bait is fundamental in the pursuit of carp, as your success revolves around carp and their feeding habits. Mainline Baits contacts in the food industry presented us with a wealth of opportunities in terms of research and product availability both at home & abroad.

    Boilies, Base MixesFlavours and Additives, Pellets, Groundbaits, ParticlesLiquids and of course an extensive range of Hookbaits to match! The Mainline Baits range of products covers every situation, with everything you could possibly need!

  • Nash Baits
  • Sticky Baits

    Sticky Baits

    Sticky Baits are well known as one of the very best bait manufacturers in the world of carp fishing. Sticky Baits started out many years ago as a small carp bait company producing high quality boilies, popups, dips and glugs and were used by some of the best carp anglers in the UK.

    Sticky Baits, the home of The Krill and Manilla. Sticky Baits pride themselves on making the highest quality carp bait. Sticky Baits produce high quality carp bait, famous in the carp fishing industry. Sticky Baits, quality carp bait that really does help bank amazing results!

  • CC Moore Carp Bait

    CCMoore are known globally for their perfectly tailored carp baits, designed with one thing in mind, putting fish on the bank...

  • Dynamite Baits

    Dynamite Baits - Made by Anglers for Anglers. Whether you’re after boilies, pellets, groundbaits or liquid additives, you can be sure that Dynamite Baits have something that will help you catch more fish!

  • Magnum Baits
  • Urban Bait
  • DT Baits
  • Essential Baits
  • John Baker Baits
  • Nutrabaits
  • Proper Carp Baits

    Jon McAllister and Sean Leverett bring you 'Proper Carp Baits'. A range of high quality carp baits designed by proper carp anglers to catch proper carp. Proper Carp Baits use the finest ingredients available, complemented with balanced levels of proven attraction. All three of the baits within the range are specifically designed to be extremely digestible, therefore the breakdown process begins once the bait is introduced into the lake, leaving a highly attractive carpet across the lake bed.

    Finest quality food baits. Carp instinctively know a well formulated bait with correctly balanced protein levels once eaten. Proper Carp Baits range of baits tap into these instincts and provide this essential food source.

  • Richworth Baits
  • Solar Baits
  • Rod Hutchinson
  • Bait Tech

    Bait Tech. We stock a wide range of Bait Tech Fishing Baits, including Pellets, Hemp Seed for Specialist, Carp and Coarse Fishing. All proven fish catchers...

  • Sonubaits

    Sonubaits is one of the Uk's leading fishing bait manufacturers. From groundbaits, to hemp, boilies and even particles, the Sonubaits range has it all!

  • Hinders Bait
  • Jason Hayward Specials
  • Korda Carp Goo

    Korda Goo is a soak, a glug and a spod-mix additive, all rolled into one package. The cloud of attraction that comes off bait treated with Korda Goo has to be seen to be believed!

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  • Prepared Particles
  • Catmaster Tackle
  • Artificial Baits
  • Baiting Accessories

We stock a wide range of carp baits, including Mainline Baits, Sticky Baits, Nash Baits, Dynamite Baits, Urban Baits, Essential BaitsCC Moore and many more...

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