Glug Pots

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These dip pots have a secure-fitting lid that makes them ideal for use when glugging hookbaits.

Available in 225ml, 100ml squat and 100ml stubby.

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Most anglers appreciate that the inspiration to develop a new product comes from being faced with a recurring problem, and at Korda Developments they've recently seen an increase in the need for a no-fuss hook bait storage facility, which is why they decided to develop this little gem, the Korda Infuza...

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RidgeMonkey Modular Hookbait Pots. Hookbait storage just got organised! No more loose jars rattling around in your rucksack with the new RidgeMonkey Modular Hookbait Pots - designed to screw together with a twist of the hand, the system comes complete with removable internal glug cages and a hard-wearing carry case...