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Designed with space saving and ease-of-use in mind. A large zipped front compartment opens the front of the Rucksack to make access and managing...

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Perfect for short-sessions, overnighters and roving anglers, the ‘Compact’ swallows all the gear you need in it’s 30 x 33 x 26cm main compartment....

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Bait storage, tackle storage and a seat all-in-one, perfect for roving anglers or long stay anglers to house their bait, ancillary items, stalking...

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A versatile carryall with a complete zip-open top making access to the volumous main compartment easier. The free-standing Medium Carryall is fully...

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Sturdy, spacious and self standing, the Saber DPM Cooler Bag is sure to gain a lot of admirers. A quality reflective lining reflects the cold (and...

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The new Saber DPM 5 Rod Sleeve Holdall swallows 5 rods with big pit reels and 50mm butt rings with ease. When housed, your rods are kept safe and...

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The compact yet spacious Saber DPM 3 Rod Sleeve Holdall provides protection and total rod management with its three padded dividers. It houses 3...

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