Butt Bungee Rod Retainer Stainless


Butt Bungee Rod Retainer, designed to stop you rod being pulled out on a savage take.

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The Butt Bungee

This ingenious little device is made by an engineering firm local to us and is designed to stop your rod being pulled out when fishing locked up.

It was designed to overcome snag work on the likes of Rainbow but can be used anywhere, we have found it popular with barbel anglers need to strap the rod down to stop it going in.

You simply screw your butt rest through the plate and then loop the bungee over the top and locate the stopper through the slot in the plate. The strap length can be adjusted to suit any rod butt by loosening off a little grub screw i the end toggle (the allen key is supplied). The Butt Bungee obviously is located directly below the butt rest so it doesnt matter what angle your rod is at, it will always be square to your rod, even if it wasnt square it doesnt matter as the elastic strap will extend to allow for an angle. With a simple stretch they release the rod in a second.

The base plate is made from stainless and the bungee toggles are black anodised aluminium meaning it is totally weather proof. They have been tested through the toughest conditions at Rainbow and have now established themselves as the first choice to batten your rods down.

A great little device at only £10.99 each

(rod, butt rest and stick shown for demonstration purposes only)

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