Angling Technics Microcat MK3 Bait Boat


Probably the most popular boat about with thousands sold...

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Angling Technics Microcat MK3 Bait Boat

Probably the most popular boat about with thousands sold.

40 Mhz FM 4 channel radio system - less susceptible to interference
Four ultrasonic sealed zero maintenance jet pumps - fast, efficient and quiet
Excellent for all baits including particles
The two hoppers can be individual or simultaneously opened.
Microprocessor controlled variable speed in forward and reverse - spins on its own axis
Six ultra high intensity leds including blue, white, red & green - visible at range, even in daytime
Remote lighting control - control the lighting at range
Removable battery system - change the batteries
Hydro dynamically efficient and stable catamaran hull - 3D CAD designed
Echo sounder acceptable: Yes
Size : 690mm x 370mm x 170mm
Weight : 7kg - std batteries, 9kg - HD batteries approx.
Bait capacity : 4kg - std batteries, 2kg - HD batteries approx.
Range : 600 m approx.
Running time (at max speed): 45 min - std batteries, 70 min - HD batteries
Free instructional video included

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