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This new pod from N-Brice is basd around the original stainless version but this model features Gunsmoke anodised aluminium fittings, it not only makes for a great look it means the whole pod weighs in at less than 900gms

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For all you anglers out there who like to be light on your toes here is the NBrice Carbon Pod boasting all the same points as our stainless pod but weighing in at only 4lb...

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Our carbon banksticks have been designed specifically for the angler who requires a light and versatile bankstick which will add minimum weight to the anglers kit...

N-Brice Carbon All the N-Brice carbon is top quality and UK made, it looks superb and obviously saves weight over stainless.  As with all carbon products care must be used as it is not as rugged as stainless.